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Plugins extend the core functionality of Assemble.

Plugins are a new feature, but we know they'll play a big part in Assemble's future. We're looking for great plugins to add to our documentation and "contrib" collection, so please let us know if you have something in mind!

If you authored an Assemble plugin, please submit a pull request to add it to this page!

Contrib Plugins

  • assemble-contrib-contextual: Generates a JSON file containing the context of each page. Basic plugin to help see what's happening in the build.
  • assemble-contrib-permalinks: This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI replacement patterns, presets, uses Moment.js for parsing dates, and much more.

Community Plugins

Plugins we want

Here are some plugins we'd like to see. ( Let us know if you build one and want to make it a contrib plugin):

  • pagination
  • navigation
  • indexing
  • anchor generation for headings in HTML converted from markdown
  • component-builders for YUI, OOCSS (make sure you talk to us about these if you're interested!)
  • theme generators

Things we're working on or need help with

  • yeoman plugin generator
  • grunt init template
  • documentation
  • best practices for creating plugins

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