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Assemble was created by @jonschlinkert and @doowb to get designers and developers on the same page.

What you won't find in Assemble

"Blog awareness"

Which really means "if you put your posts in a specific folder, and you name it exactly as required, then the parser will find your posts and render them into a blog". But Assemble isn't worried about what you put where, or where you go and how late you'll be out &emdash; less like your parents and more like that super chill roommate you had once.

Special required _folders

You won't find a requirement for directories like _layouts, _posts or _anything-else. Assemble is Grunt.js plugin, so you have as much flexibility as you would with any other Grunt.js plugin. Your project structure is whatever you want it to be. You can put your layouts, pages, posts, partials or any other files wherever you want them to be. You can use an includes directory instead of partials. In fact, you could add hundreds of targets in the assemble task in your Gruntfile, and use a different convention for each one if you had a reason.


A requirement to use _config.yml, or config.json, or config anything. Instead, Assemble provides which enables you to use your own conventions for configuration. You can name your files however you want, or put them in whatever directory you want. It's up to you.

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