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Assemble your first site in 5 minutes or less. Are you ready?!

The fastest way is to use grunt-init-assemble, but if you prefer to start from scratch then this is for you.

We should be able to get your first site running in just a few minutes if:

  1. You are familiar with using npm to install packages
  2. You have npm and grunt-cli installed globally

That just about covers it, so let's get started!


1. git clone assemble

git clone "my-project"


cd my-project

2. Install necessary packages

npm i

3. Build

grunt assemble

If everything builds properly, then run:

grunt test

And all tests should pass.

4. Time to customize!

IIdeally, you should start with a nice clean Gruntfile and a brand new src directory, but this is a great way to start learning by example. If you get stuck or need inspiration, just head over to Assemble's documentation, or take a look at some other examples.

Have fun!

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