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Starters, boilerplates and companion projects that extend or make it easier to work with Assemble. Some of these are from Assemble's core team, others from the community. "Thank you!" to all the creators of these projects! We really appreciate your support!

Does your project use Assemble? Did you write a blog post about Assemble? Make a video, or create a "community" project based on Assemble? Please let us know!   We'll post a link to it on our docs. Thanks for thinking of us!


  • Effeckt uses Assemble! - a h5bp project focused on "UI-less, performant transitions & animations". If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out, it's pretty awesome.
  • assemble-bootstrap is a new boilerplate to build Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 with Assemble and Grunt.js. No need for Ruby, Jekyll, or running a server to view the docs. This repo is up-to-date and includes qunit and phantomjs tests.

Generators and Init Templates


Grunt Init

These will be converted to Yeoman Generators at some point.

Yeoman Generators

  • matt-bailey/generator-bones: "Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a basic web project".
  • amtvsn/generator-fe: "A generator for yeoman to kickstart frontend for web projects with bootstrap, foundation, sass and assemble".
  • hariadi/assemble-jekyll: "Yeoman generator for Assemble that generate layouts, pages, partials, and markdown content for Jekyll static site".



Officially supported template engines:

Learn about adding an engine to Assemble

Helpers and Extensions

Sublime Text


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